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Serviced Apartment Lease Agreement

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Rental bonds – in some cases, operators have paid a “rental deposit” which is a sum paid by the operator, which is held by the lessor as collateral for the performance of the operator`s obligations under the lease agreement. The quantum of these rental deposits can often be in the range of six months of rent plus VAT (and sometimes even more). We are working with some landlords and tenants who are working together to find ways to “unlock” these funds to help the parties get through the immediate COVID-19 cash flow crisis. In these unprecedented times, owners and operators are willing to consider relatively extreme measures like this. We encourage both owners and operators to engage at an early stage in a focused and constructive dialogue in order to find solutions that aim to achieve the best possible results for key interest groups, not only for their own good, but also for the good of the service sector as a whole. But the option of getting a better rental income on the land by going on the service accommodation route – there is a structure that gives them flexibility, whether they want a guaranteed rent or they want something else. There are many reasons why a Serviced Apartment could be an investment for you, as it offers some tempting benefits, some of which are: alienation rules – in the case of the EMA, the court found that the EMA was able and had agreed to assign to a third party the remaining unmatured term in its rental agreement in order to avoid any ongoing liability to its owner. The terms of sale of the lease should be carefully considered with regard to the appetite or operational feasibility of the operator to abandon all or part of the leased premises and, for example, whether it wishes to assign the lease or sharing to a third party for a short period of time, thereby sharing its payment obligations and whether a lessor would be able to: part of the premises to another operator, entirely and on better terms. Most importantly, if the buyer buys an apartment in a good location, he will make money with more options.

And they can be discussed at any time. At the end of the day, if we give a guarantee – If we give a guarantee for the payment of all bills, we are incredibly motivated to make sure that we choose the right apartments and the right customers. We give you a secure rental on this land. This is an agreement between us – Residential Estates – and the buyer. Separate contracts from us to you. Frustration – many owners and operators wonder about the doctrine of frustration. In the current context, an operator-lessee would argue that the lease is “frustrated” by an event that makes it physically or economically impossible to meet the conditions of the lease, or if the obligations have been made radically different by the frustrating event and are radically different from those contemplated at the time of the lease. . . .

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