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What To Do If Parent Violates Custody Agreement

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Hello, I would like to know if my ex has custody of the children and the parental order requires him to register me as an emergency contact and put me on file so that I can get all the medical information. for my children. My ex has hurt this several times and doesn`t even inform me about our children`s medical needs. Despite the commandment that clearly commands him to do so. Can I call the police to enforce this order? Thank you for the answer. Good luck to all! If you have a parenting plan in Montana and the other parent doesn`t follow it, this article will: My husband and his ex have never been married, he pays family allowances, and we`ve already gone to court for custody. The mother blew us up and beat hard, well, when it was time to go to court, she lied. Said this had never happened and she accused me of being in her house trying to jump her? We were told to meet them there and pick up the child. But when we arrived, 4 or 5 men beat us in the car.

– well, we now have joint custody and on May 22 we will be back in full court. We have proof that she lied at the booth. We have it from their own mouths. And also a confession from one of the men who jumped on us and said he did. – now he and her husband and a divorce and she got him out of school and he has been with us for 2 weeks. She has no job, she has nothing. She was in a hotel for everything we know because she didn`t call to check on the child. Well, last night she told my husband that it would take them 3 weeks to fix their “so-called apartment” (we don`t think she has one) and that he should stay with us.

She filed all kinds of harassment complaints against her husband and told us not to let her husband talk to us or the child if he let her know because she had an injunction against him, for her and her two children. So the child was with us. SURE. Today, she asks us to bring the child to her today! We have a lawyer, but we cannot reach him. My husband doesn`t want to take the child back because he has no idea what`s going on. And this family is very violent. We fear that she is not saying the truth as always. We come from MS, and she is dating her right now because we live 2 hours away from her. Since we have a yard in the next few weeks, do we have to give it back to him? We don`t want to get into trouble and use this against us, but he`s not safe anywhere. Can anyone ?!?!! Before taking any formal action, your Westfield Custody Enforcement Lawyer must understand the exact nature of the violation(s).

No two situations are the same, and the legal action should reflect this fact. Here are some common violations that occur under custody agreements: If you can provide the court with enough evidence that the other parent (or someone else) plans to take your children out of British Columbia and is unlikely to send them back to British Columbia, the court can instruct them: mediation can help if the other parent does not follow the parenting plan. Going to mediation before going to court is most likely following your part of the parenting plan. Some parenting plans will say who will be the mediator. If your plan doesn`t say who will be the mediator, you and the other parent can choose someone or ask the court to appoint someone. You must contact the mediator and set a date for the mediation. You and the other parent can ask the mediator to have someone with you for help, such as a friend, relative, or counselor. .

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