Cyber Chip Agreement

Cyber chips marketed in 2017 are one of the latest additions to scouting. Necessary to earn the ranks “Scout” (6th-4th) and “Star” (9th-12th) teach cyber-chip scouts about online security. In this article, I`ll take you through each of these requirements for “Star” and “Scout” on foot to help you quickly and easily win your cyber chip award! A unit leader works with young people to sign their cybersecurity services. Once the cyber chip and patch are finished, you can buy them at the Scout store or online. If you are in classes 9-12, it is also recommended to read the Netsmartz PDF. You can find a copy by clicking on the link below! Once you check out the most important ideas with your patrol, you`ll have completed the requirement 4 of your cyber chip! A green cyberchip card, basically the same as a cyber chip, is a rectangular map that describes the rules of online security. Much like a totin fireman`s chip, the green card cyber chip helps you use the Internet — a dangerous tool — safe and responsible. If you don`t have a smart e-card at your fingertips, I bet your Scoutmaster has a replacement card for you! If not, you might need to buy your online, Official cyber-chip green cards can find them in the tracker store. I would like to encourage you to sit down with your parents and write your own contract. However, if you prefer a cyber-chip contract model, look at my sample contract below.

🙂 I want to tell you one last time that the Internet is a powerful tool. Collecting your e-chip will help you navigate the digital world safely and teach you how to use your devices responsibly. Topics include cyber-harassment, mobile phone use, SMS, blogging, gambling and identity theft. To get your cyber chip, you need to read the Internet security promise below, understand and accept the promise of Internet security. (The same promise will also be printed on the back of your cyber chip award) Cub Scouts, Blue Card No. 615437, patch No. 615495 BSA Scouts – Venturers, Green Card #615438, Green Patch No. 615496 Online Certificate, downloaded to cyber-chip requirements, differ between recruiters from 6th to 8th class compared to recruiters who are 9th to 12th class.

In this article, I have included the requirements and answers for both groups for you! PS: You can double the title to make sure you`re reading the sections that apply to your note. 😉 All cyber-chips expire every year. Recruiters who have already completed the cyber chip for their current grade must “recharge” the chip by returning to the Netsmartz site and completing activities. In addition, the BSA recognizes that older Scouts may be exposed to different risks online, as their online activity and engagement with new adults change with age. As such, recruiters should repeat this exercise at least once in their scouting careers to reach scouting and star ranks, as well as How to Protect Your ChildRen from Child Abuse exercises). Note: All cyber-chips expire each year. Each recruiter must “recharge” the chip by returning to the NetSmartz loading area. This room will contain new information, news and a location for the recruiter, in order to re-engage in network security and resilience.