Nidhi Company Loan Agreement Format In Hindi

I/we hereafter confirm that I/we are competent and fully entitled to make statements, etc., to execute and file this application form and any other document for the purposes of the use of the loan, the creation of guarantees and for all specified/necessary purposes. A loan agreement contains the following information: The borrower authorizes AND authorizes THE NIDHI COMPANY to disclose all information to the borrower without notice, borrower, in application forms or documents relating to facilities used by THE NIDHI COMPANY, other institutions, subsidiaries, related companies, credit agencies, rating agencies, rating agencies, service providers, financial institutions, public or regulatory authorities, or third parties, for the purpose of verifying kyc information, analyzing credit risks or other related purposes that THE NIDHI COMPANY considers appropriate. I/We confirm that I/we will not use the products or credit/credit facility (or part of it) for incorrect/illegal or illegal activities. J/We have expressly authorized JAYANT INDIA NIDHI LIMITED and all of its group/partner companies to exchange, share or share information for any purpose. The above terms and conditions for bonding loans may be amended without notice at the sole discretion of Jayant India Nidhi Limited. The interest rate on the loan is 2% higher than the deposit rate. In addition, all other taxes, equal to the amount of tax/levy applicable to the interest on the loan, must be paid by the depositor, as long as this applies from time to time. Members` loans may only be granted at the sole discretion of the company, with respect to their deposits/gold/real estate and other specified securities, etc. Loan interest is paid monthly/quarter/semi-annual, at the sole discretion of Jayant India Nidhi Limited.

(i) the delay in the exercise or omission in the exercise of a right, power or remedy that NIDHI COMPANY shall make in the event of a delay under these terms and conditions, security documents or other agreements or documents relating to the loan does not infringe that right, power or remedy and is not construed as a waiver or tolerance. The action or inaction of THE NIDHI COMPANY regarding a delay or tolerance of THE Late, no rights, no power or remedy is spared by THE NIDHI COMPANY with respect to other delays. (ii) The waiver of a delay or delay by THE NIDHI COMPANY or the borrower under these Terms does not constitute a waiver of a subsequent delay or otherwise. The loan amount can be repaid in whole or in part at any time. The outstanding loan is recovered on the due date or the prepayment of the deposit amount. Looking for the company`s nidhi registration? Want to learn more about the nidhi registration process in India? Contact eBizFiling for Nidhi Company registrierungs documents, feeds, process, cost in India.Apply online for Nidhi company registration. Contact us for a free consultation or call 9643203209. A loan contract is essential, regardless of the beneficiary.