Scotiabank Agreement Number

You understand that the Bank, other participating financial institutions and/or Acxsys may be subject to restrictions, dollars and other that may apply to your use of the Service, including, but not just the amount you can send and receive via the Interac Electronic Transfer Service. These limits can be changed without notice and can be accessed on Scotia OnLine Financial Services or through the “Ask Scotia” feature in Neither the bank nor Acxsys is responsible for any delay in service, loss or damage caused by you or any other person resulting from the application of these limit values or these changes. Availability. To use the Mobile Cheque Depot, you must, from time to time, meet certain eligibility requirements set by Scotiabank. For example, only certain customers, instruments, accounts and mobile devices qualify for the service. For more information on licensing requirements, see Scotiabank`s digital banking service is our online banking service that you can access through and mobile banking. The PIN is an authorization identification information and is the secret and confidential personal identification number you have chosen to use with your card. Subject to all exceptions in this Agreement, any other agreement applicable to your accounts, or any other way we can determine from time to time, digital service transactions on your deposit accounts are normally booked until the next business day on your account and transactions on your credit accounts are normally booked within three business days on your corresponding account. Transactions outside of Canada can be booked to your declared account at a later date.

Any automatic billing request is deemed to be received by us on the date the booking is registered to the listed account. Scotiabank notifications are subject to the terms of your agreement with your mobile operator and/or Internet service provider. You are responsible for any fees or fees of any kind charged by your mobile operator and internet service provider. If you are responsible for transactions made on your account pursuant to this “Your Responsibility” section, you understand that this responsibility in addition to any liability for transactions you have in connection with credit contracts (including the Revolving Credit Agreement) and other agreements that apply to your accounts or that are stipulated in another section of this Agreement. You may refuse consent to the collection, use and disclosure of this information, even if in some cases it may interfere with the functionality of some digital services or prevent you from using it effectively. For more information about our use of cookies and their deactivation on your Digital Access device, see our privacy and cookie policy under,,2951,00.html.