Volkswagen Supplier Integration Team B2B User Agreement

Print out the B2B user contract, fill out your business data and attach the signature of your company`s legal representative. Send the agreement signed by mail to VW at the address indicated within six weeks: Apes concluded`o dos passos acima, envy a Ficha Cadastral para Volkswagen do Brasil para o email e aguarde a finaliza`o do cadastro nos sistemas internos. The company administrator is responsible for managing the users and rights of your business. At this point, the Registrar may decide to take over the administration or appoint another person from your company. The SIT consists of an international team that helps you manage the NEB on a daily basis. The group`s business platform. To finalize the registration, appoint a company administrator. The main task of the company administrator is to manage the company`s data in the vendor database and manage the company`s users in the UMS (user management system) system. Information for supplier and partner company employees (only for the RGPD) Complete detailed information about your company in the supplier database – p.B.

additional contacts, your company`s production volume, etc. You will become the authorized user of our ONE. The group`s business platform through a multi-step registration process. As a user, you have access to these information applications and services that are enabled for you. The administrator can also activate other users within the company and delegate other roles or give them access to applications. You can choose the existing registrar as a business administrator or allow someone else in your business to fill that role. Divided into multilingual skills teams, each application and information service is supported competently and effectively in the areas of acquisition, research and development, quality assurance and logistics. Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan 5. Dados da empresa na dados de fornecedores LDB Preencha os dados gerais de sua empresa. Os campos marcados com asterisco () seo obrigateros. O endere`o especificado pode ser o do escritério central de sua empresa or uma Caixa Postal.

. If you don`t have or don`t know your D-U-N-S number, sign up for You can also contact your local branch in Dun-Bradstreet – click on the icon of the globe, find your company`s home country and contact the local subsidiary of Dun-Bradstreet. Em paralelo com a assinatura do termo, preencha os dados detalhados de sua empresa na base de dados de necedores – por exemplo pessoas adicionais de contato, o escopo de fornecimento de sua empresa, etc. O time de integraéo de fornecedores verifica se as informaées fornecidas no registro da empresa estéo corretas. Note: Please ensure that your business name and the nature of your business are properly filled out by the SSR. First, you need to enter your business data into the form sheet. Make sure the company name and type of business are written correctly.